The Town of Iroquois Falls has updated its Official Plan (OP) and Zoning By-Law. 

An Official Plan is a document that establishes policies for how land should and will be used in our municipality.

A Zoning By-Law implements the general policies set out in the Official Plan.

Further information is available on the Town’s Website: http://www.iroquoisfalls.com/official-plan-and-zoning-by-law or call 705-232-6357.


New Official Plan

New Zoning By-Law

Provincial Land Use Planning Resources

Official Plan Schedules

Official Plan Appendicies

Zoning By-Law Schedules

Planning Application Guides

The Town of Iroquois Falls has prepared guides to assist you with your application. These guides are to be used for reference purposes only, and applicants are required to consult with their local Planning Officer to review their application.

Land Severance Application Guide

Minor Variance Application Guide

Zoning Amendment Application Guide