The Town of Iroquois Falls is updating its Official Plan (OP) and Zoning By-Law.  As part of the process the Town is seeking your input.

An Official Plan is a document that establishes policies for how land should and will be used in our municipality.

A Zoning By-Law implements the general policies set out in the Official Plan.

A public workshop Open House was held by the Town for the purpose of giving the public an opportunity to review and ask questions about the proposed draft Official Plan.    Thank you to those who attended, your feedback was appreciated.  We would like to continue to give the public an opportunity to share your ideas and feedback with us.

  • What makes the Town a great place to live, work and play?
  • What do you envision in the rural and urban areas of the Town in the next 20 years?
  • What other issues would you like to see addressed in the update to the Town’s Official Plan and Zoning By-Law?
  • What are the most important issues facing the Town of Iroquois Falls?
  • What economic opportunities do you envision near the airport?
  • What type of development do you envision in the agricultural and rural areas?
  • What types of residential intensification do you envision in the Town?


Interested persons may make written submissions directly to Town Hall or email the Clerk’s Department

Further information is available on the Town’s Website: or call 705-232-6357.


Development of New Official Plan and Zoning By-Law

The Town of Iroquois Falls is in the process of updating its Official Plan and Zoning By-Law.  Your comments are welcome at any time during the process.

If you have comments on the Official Plan or Zoning By-Law, please send them to:

Town of Iroquois Falls
Attn:  CAO
PO Box 230
Iroquois Falls, ON  P0K 1G0


Notices and draft documents will be posted on this web page.

Current Official Plan

Current Zoning By-Law

Current Zoning By-Law Text

  • Please note the above Zoning By-Law does not include any amendments passed since 2004.  Contact the Town of Iroquois Falls for information regarding amendments.

Current Zoning By-Law Schedules/Plates:


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