By-Law #3001-08- To Regulate the Use of Water

By-Law #3224-13 - To enact rules and regulations for the installation, repair, maintenance and access to water meters and related appurtenances, including penalties for offences.

Drinking Water Systems Reports

Every day, the Water Works Department provides drinking water to customers serviced by the municipal drinking water systems in Iroquois Falls, the Village of Porquis Junction and the Village of Monteith (Distribution System only).

Drinking water produced and distributed by these systems continues to meet or exceed provincial water quality standards. Water samples are routinely tested to ensure its safety for consumers.

The Safe Drinking Water Act and Drinking Water Systems Regulations require municipalities in Ontario to produce an annual report on drinking water systems owned and/or operated by the municipality. The annual report must cover the period from January 1 to December 31 in a year and must be prepared no later than February 28 of the following year.

Reports can be found by clicking the link below:

Waterworks Annual and Summary Reports and DWQMS Operational Plan

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