Assessment & Taxation

The Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) is legislatively responsible for the assessment of all properties in the province of Ontario.

The current value assessment (CVA) of a property is an estimate of its market value or the amount the property would sell for in an open market on a given date. The most recent assessment update took place in 2012. In between scheduled assessment updates, changes to a property may occur and MPAC is responsible for updating a property’s current value assessment accordingly.

A property’s annual tax levy is calculated by multiplying the property’s assessment value by the municipal tax rate, as approved by Council, and the education tax rate, as set out by the Province of Ontario.

The municipality issues two property tax bills per year – an Interim and a Final. These bills are mailed to every taxpayer at least twenty one days before any of the current year taxes are due.

Taxation By-Laws:

  • By-Law 3530-18 - 2019 Interim Tax Levy, Instalment Due Dates, and Late Payment Charges

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