Here’s what some of our lovely residents and guests have to say about Iroquois Falls:

“What I like about Iroquois Falls is the small town feel. Everyone is so friendly, and it’s a slow pace environment…unlike a big city where no one has time for each other. Though, my favourite part is how close you are to nature.” - Isabelle Desroches originally from Penetanguishene, Ontario

“The main thing that I love, and everyone loves about Iroquois Falls is the people! The community is so friendly, welcoming and warm. Everyone is helpful and trustworthy, and you never walk past someone without getting a smile. It’s a great place to be.” – Wendy Yu, Owner of the Silver Grill Restaurant

“This is a beautiful area, away from the hustle and bustle. When my family comes here, we really get into nature. The town is secluded, yet also close to many places that you can take day trips to. There is a lot to see and do and we make friends every single time we come up here. It keeps us coming back!” - Karen Reid, town guest

“Iroquois Falls offers you everything. It’s perfect for the hunter or fisherman. It’s great for canoe, kayak or boat rides in the evening. It is quiet and serene; yet you are less than one hour from all the box stores you need and an airport that can fly you away to anywhere you need to go.” – Jean-Paul Proulx, raised in Iroquois Falls

“I cannot say enough good things. The view of Nellie Lake was beautiful. I have had the pleasure to stay at the Sunset Bay Inn in all seasons and have been able enjoy all the beauty the 4 seasons has to offer!  Fishing from the dock is always a pleasurable way to relax. I was just a few minutes from the town of Iroquois Falls which is great to get some groceries or enjoy a night out at one of the restaurants. The neighbours are very friendly.” - Stavros Hantziagelis

”Born and raised, so maybe a little biased but it’s a great family community with so much to offer both in and outside of town. Check it out!” – Todd Pretsell

“I am really happy here, it is a very friendly and welcoming community. I am not afraid to reach out if I ever have any questions.” – Business owner

Received from Surveys

“Cute little town”

“Beautiful…next trip we will come back to this place. People are friendly.”

“People here are friendly and welcoming.”

“Beautiful little town, lots of snow!”


“Excellent little town!”

“Lovely town, surprised how many services available for the size and population. Love your town. You’re doing great!”