Forms, Permits & Applications

Our forms are available online and also in person at the Town Hall. If you would prefer a printed copy, please ask our front desk staff to assist you.

If you are looking for a form that is not listed here, please visit our document center by clicking here or inquire at Town Hall either in person or by phone at 705-232-5700. 

Building Permit Application

For the Building Permit Application, please click here.


Business Licence Application

For the Business Licence Application, please click here

Employment Application

For the Employment Application, please click here

Marriage Licence Application

For the Marriage Licence Application, please click here. 

Pre-Authorized Payment Cancellation

For the Pre-Authorized Payment Cancellation form, please click here

Pre-Authorized Payment - Water & Sewer

For the Pre-Authorized Payment - Water and Sewer form, please click here.

Pre-Authorized Payment - Property Taxes

For the Pre-Authorized Payment - Property Taxes form, please click here.

Volunteer Firefighter Recruiting Information Package and Application

For the Volunteer Firefighter Recruitment Information Package and Application, please click here.

Lottery Applications

For the Raffle Lottery Application form, please click here.

For the Blanket Raffle Lottery Application form, please click here.

For the Bingo Lottery Application form, please click here.

For the Progressive Bingo Lottery Application form, please click here.

Burning Permit

Burning permits may be obtained in-person at Town Hall for the applicable fee relevant to the type of burning permit. The following information is required from the applicant to process a burning permit:

  • Name of Permit Holder
  • Telephone Number
  • Physical Address - This applies to the lands for which you will be burning.

The following burning permits can be obtained at Town Hall:

  • Outdoor Fireplace or Fire Pit
    • Season
    • Daily/Weekend
  • Campfire
    • Season
    • Daily/Weekend (on-site designated for camping)
  • Burn Barrel (not permitted in urban areas)
    • Season
    • Daily/Weekend
  • Brush Piles
    • Grass Burning
  • Annual Campground Season

To view By-Law No. 3591/20, being a by-law regarding conditions under which fires may be set in the open air, click here.

Terms & Conditions

  • No person shall set fires out of doors between the hours of 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. during the months of April, May, June, July, August, September and October unless otherwise authorized.
  • The fire shall be supervised at all times by a competent person who is at least (18) years of age.
  • This permit shall be kept at the site of the burning operations conducted under this permit.
  • The person in charge of the burning operations conducted under this permit shall produce and show the permit to any fire, police, conservation or by-law officer whenever requested by such officer.
  • The fire department will be inspecting all outdoor fireplaces/fire pits within the urban area and spot checking in the rural area. Should the installation not meet the by-law requirements the burning permit will be revoked until such time as identified deficiencies have been corrected.
  • Outdoor fire pits/fireplaces must be enclosed on all sides and constructed of masonry, concrete, heavy gauge metal or other non-combustible materials, have an opening that does not exceed 75 cm (2.5 feet) and shall have a spark arrestor, grille or mesh with openings larger than 12mm (1/2 inch) and which is used to cover the entire area of the pit opening.
  • Outdoor fire pits/fireplaces must be at least 3meters (10 feet) from any structure, combustibles such as fence or trees and from property line.
  • Outdoor fireplace shall be placed on a non-combustible surface.
  • BRUSH PILES to be burned are to be less than 2 meters in diameter and less than 2 meters in height.
  • GRASS BURNING is not to exceed 1 hectare and the flaming edge is not to exceed 30 metres at any one time.
  • Permit holder must have adequate tools, water, and personnel on site to contain the fire to the fire site.
  • Permits are not valid when a restricted fire zone is in place and any fires will be put out at the permit holder’s expense.

    Failure to follow regulations, as summarized on the permit and listed in full on the Burning Regulation By-Law information sheet will result in a fine of $100.00 plus $35 court fees, and costs of responding apparatus (MTO rates) incurred to extinguish fire.

Landfill Pass

Landfill passes may be obtained in-person at Town Hall for the applicable fee. Please ensure you bring the following information with you to purchase a pass:

  • Ownership for applicable vehicle
  • Landfill Pass Card (if renewing current pass)

The rates for a landfill pass are as follows:

$20.00/calendar year - Residential or commercial municipal property owner or tenant

  • $10.00/calendar year - Renewal

$125.00/calendar year - Residential non-municipal property owner

  • $125.00/calendar year - Renewal

$255.00/calendar year - Commercial non-municipal property owner providing a service to a municipal property owner or tenant

  • $255.00/calendar year - Renewal

$15.00/week - Temporary (non-commercial) individual providing a service to a municipal property owner or tenant

$12.00/season - Seasonal (non-commercial) tenant of a recongized campground within the municipality


Renewals and dump fees incurred from the disposal of certain loads or items may be paid online through OptionPay, or by visiting Town Hall.

Municipal Grant Application

Organizations and groups are welcome to submit applications for grants from the Town of Iroquois Falls. Funding can be used towards events, special projects, annual operations and more.

To complete the fillable form, please click here.

For a paper copy of the form, please visit Town Hall and ask for one at the front desk.

Fireworks Application

To view By-Law No. 3453/17, being a by-law to regulate the sale and setting off of fireworks in the Town of Iroquois Falls, and for acquiring a permit to hold fireworks displays, click here.

For the Fireworks Application, please click here.