Welcome to Iroquois Falls, Garden Town of the North!

Iroquois Falls is a vibrant, true four season community in the heart of Northern Ontario. The Town lies just off the Trans-Canada Highway (Hwy 11) on the banks of the Abitibi River.

This beautiful town is filled with natural resources that create opportunities for a booming economy. This is one of the many reasons Iroquois Falls is a place where businesses can thrive. We pride ourselves on our Bilingual (English and French) workforce and safe, close-knit community.

The cost of living in Iroquois Falls is lower comparable to other communities in Ontario; including moderate property taxes, housing, food, shelter and transportation.

Why Iroquois Falls?

The town of Iroquois Falls provides a quality of lifestyle desired by many. Not only being a safe community to live and work, Iroquois Falls boasts substantial education facilities, health care services, a recreation complex, golf course, modern senior facilities, independent living residences, and most of all a warm and welcoming community.

Neighboring Cities:

Proximity to large centers Toronto North Bay Timmins
Approximate distance 689 km 330 km 70 km


Approximate population 4,537 residents

Major Industries:

Key industries Health care
Public service
Educational services


Average temperatures January July
Years: 1981-2010 -16.8°C 17.5°C

Want to Know More?

  • Recreational activities for all seasons (we have something for everyone!)
    • Many areas for fishing & hunting
    • Several beautiful trails for walking, snowmobiling, ATVing, skiing, snowshoeing
    • Access to wonderful parks, lakes and beaches
    • Minutes from waterways & trails
  • Peaceful atmosphere , away from the hustle and bustle – ideal for relaxation
  • Very affordable compared to our neighboring communities
  • Unique shops
  • Historic downtown
  • Close proximity to many other communities (great for day trips!)
  • High quality schools
  • Hospital & health services provide excellent quality care
  • Plenty of green space
  • Excellent quality of life, enjoyed so immensely by our townspeople that many residents have been here since birth; while others have moved back to raise their families.

Iroquois Falls is a wonderful, rustic little town. We welcome you to join us and be a part of something great.

Here’s what some of our lovely residents and guests have to say about this place:

“What I like about Iroquois Falls is the small town feel. Everyone is so friendly, and it’s a slow pace environment…unlike a big city where no one has time for each other. Though, my favourite part is how close you are to nature.” - Isabelle Desroches originally from Penetanguishene, Ontario

“The main thing that I love, and everyone loves about Iroquois Falls is the people! The community is so friendly, welcoming and warm. Everyone is helpful and trustworthy, and you never walk past someone without getting a smile. It’s a great place to be.” – Wendy Yu, Owner of the Silver Grill Restaurant

“This is a beautiful area, away from the hustle and bustle. When my family comes here, we really get into nature. The town is secluded, yet also close to many places that you can take day trips to. There is a lot to see and do and we make friends every single time we come up here. It keeps us coming back!” - Karen Reid, town guest

“Iroquois Falls offers you everything. It’s perfect for the hunter or fisherman. It’s great for canoe, kayak or boat rides in the evening. It is quiet and serene; yet you are less than one hour from all the box stores you need and an airport that can fly you away to anywhere you need to go.” – Jean-Paul Proulx, born and raised in Iroquois Falls

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