Mayor's Visitors Welcome and Citizens Address

What a great honour to be chosen to represent the beautiful community of Iroquois Falls (IF)… the Imagine IF Town! Surrounded by amenities that are the envy of municipalities ten times our population, we are indeed blessed to have a state-of-the-art recreation centre,  a wonderful 9-hole golf course, a modern hospital, abundant schools including our newest opened in 2020, a manor for our senior citizens with plans on the horizon for a brand new one, and many churches, just to mention a few. 

Our community volunteerism is epic.  The arena and bowling centre were built largely due to the countless hours of volunteers.  The golf course reminds us that due to volunteerism we have a facility that attracts people from all across the country.  Numerous service clubs move ambitious initiatives forward selflessly building recreational infrastructure in our community.  

We put on Carnivals and Festivals where you will find our volunteers working tirelessly towards putting on spectacular community and visitor-oriented events.  Indeed our community thrives due to the efforts of a culture of volunteerism. 

Iroquois Falls has snowmobile trails, walking trails, rivers, and lakes to satisfy the most avid outdoor enthusiast.  Grocery stores, drug stores, franchise stores, professional services, auto repair shops, over-night accommodations, hardware stores, and restaurants  populate our retail and service sector.  IF is a “community” that we are proud to live in, do business in, and call home.

As the new Mayor of this vibrant, growing community I realize that, although I have the responsibility to lead this Town into the future, we, the Council and Staff of Iroquois Falls, can’t move our community forward alone.  As such I can’t emphasize the word “community” enough.  

As a truly unified and forward-thinking community, we invite everyone’s enthusiastic involvement, commitment, collaboration, and positive energy.  A true community effort will be a successful one, and I call on all our citizens to join us in achieving our goals.

And one of our goals is to attract you, your family, your business, and your industry to our community.  Located just ten kilometres from the TransCanada Highway, we not only have rail transport, but also an airport that is currently undergoing a very significant upgrade.  

We have all modes of transportation necessary to meet the logistical needs of any business or industry that chooses to locate here.  We are in the heart of the Claybelt agricultural district that has proven as bountiful as it is vast.  The Abitibi River Forest Management Unit is large enough to fulfill any forest industry’s requirements.  Recent nearby mining discoveries and established mines position our Town as an excellent central location for a mining equipment service and supply company.    

With low taxes, an inventory of affordable housing, schools, recreational facilities, medical and health services, our safe, small community is ideal to raise a family.  Our friendliness and willingness to work together has made our community resilient and strong.  

If ever there was a time to consider relocation it’s now, and our community couldn’t be more ready to welcome you!  So dare to Imagine IF…..and our sincerest and warmest Welcome to Iroquois Falls!