Validus Power Corp.

May 30 2022

Validus Power Corp. held a ribbon cutting ceremony at the co-generation plant in Iroquois Falls with Mayor Delaurier, members of Council, and Town staff present to officially welcome Validus to the community.

The Town of Iroquois Falls is very pleased to have such a community-minded company come to town, as they will provide great benefit to our town, both economically and socially. Validus’ power-to-data model will be employed to mine cryptocurrency at the data facility they hope to have up and running in six month’s time.

The Town of Iroquois Falls could not be more excited to work with Validus. Over 50 permanent new jobs are being created as a result. Plus, there’s more good news coming soon. Please join us in providing a warm welcome to Validus Power Corp.

Validus ribbon cutting ceremony picture

Photo: Pictured are Validus Power Corp. Executive Assistant Kristina Garth, Validus Power Corp. President and CEO Todd Shortt, Iroquois Falls Mayor Tory Delaurier, Town of Iroquois Falls CAO Osei Bosompem, and Town of Iroquois Falls Director of Recreation Services Brian Finner as they appear from left to right at the ribbon cutting ceremony on May 26, 2022.